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Code Zero Wall Sconce

Code Zero is a simple and minimal wall light in the same family as our Code pendants. Code Zero is an IP44 rated light, suitable for bathrooms and covered outdoor spaces. Emitting a soft diffused glow it complements virtually any space.


Available in a range of hand finished patinas, with Nickel and Chrome options also available on request.


$757  inc Tax

Lead time 8-10 weeks Lead time 8-10 weeks Lead time 8-10 weeks

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Code Zero Wall Sconce

$757  inc Tax


Colour Temperature

Warm White 3000k


7W, 24V Constant Voltage

IP Rating

IP44 (suitable in some wet areas)

Remote Driver

TCI Mini Jolly (size: 102mm x 38mmx 21mm)
Allow room in ceiling cavity or a distance up to 10m from fitting

Dimming Options

1-10v, Non-dim, Push

Dimmers and additional accessories are not supplied


Please remember that brass is a natural material that will inevitably age over time. This depends on the atmospheric conditions and type of original finish specified. Factors such as humidity, coastal salt air, and natural oils from the skin can accelerate the natural patina that may form over time.
Our brass products are wax sealed to delay this ageing but no warranty is offered to cover the natural patina that may occur. Love and simple maintenance will preserve the look and extend the life of your light for years to come.


Can I install my Code Zero Wall Sconce outdoors?

Yes, our Code Zero Wall Sconce is rated IP44 - this is the minimum requirement for installation outdoors.

Where do I install the external driver?

You can install your external driver in any accessible location uo to 10m from your light fitting. Most commonly, they are installed in the wall behind your light or behind your light switch

Can you powdercoat or Nickel plate this light for me?

Yes! We welcome custom colours an finishes for our Code Zero Wall Sconce. Additional lead times and costs may apply, get in touch to chat further

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