At Nightworks® we create some of the most innovative and beautiful lighting available internationally. Nightworks® products are entirely designed in house with a focus on premium quality, innovation and timelessness and we are proud to have been recognised with many of the highest design accolades available.

Considered Innovation.

Our products follow a distinctive aesthetic, with each new range we ensure that we push ourselves to create products that are new and innovative yet familiar. We find the balance between something new, but also complementary to our existing range. This means our customers can use different ranges throughout a project that sync together harmoniously.

Materials are paramount.

We engage process led design, this means we consider the latest manufacturing processes and procedures and work this into a new aesthetic from the inside out. We design without constraint and make products from the finest materials and best LED technology available. We have the freedom to create without restriction and we believe that a well made product, crafted from the best materials is paramount to our success.

Design details.

We are so proud of what we make that we stamp our products with our maker's trademark, our Nightworks moth. This identifies our distinctive quality of manufacturing over any others in the market. We fuss over the smallest details, this is paramount to our design approach. We believe design should be seamless. From opening the packaging and holding one of our products you can instantly feel the quality of the solid materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

Global Reach.

Nightworks® are strategically partnered with several international boutique manufacturers offering world leading manufacturing principles and exceptional quality. Our products are made to the same exacting standards that one would come to expect from any of the finest design houses globally. With several international distribution points and tailored international logistics, Nightworks® products are made to be sent throughout the globe.

Designed in New Zealand

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