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Uptown Apartment

“The Uptown Apartment project is a real highlight of my design career so far. The clients are design lovers and had a lot of input on the direction, but trusted me to pull it all together for them.

The empty space was totally unique as far as inner city Auckland apartments go, with high ceilings, exposed concrete and really generous volumes. My goal was to Emphasise these attributes, using a minimal palette of colours and materials, but layer up textures in a big way.

The key to balancing the raw textures with a level of refinement, was introducing brass light fittings. Seen throughout the spaces, these lights not only add ambience, but really draw your attention to special vignettes within the scheme.

The Nightworks Studio fittings are real heroes of my design, becoming instant favourites of everyone involved. It feels great to specify locally designed pieces, that are not only beautiful, but are of the same high quality as the international brands on offer"

Matt South Designer

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