Offcut Candle

Complimenting our Offcut wall sconce, the Offcut Candle range utilizes smaller pieces of remnant stone from local suppliers.


Each hand selected stone is affixed to a solid brass candle stick holder. A New Zealand made 125mm long tapered candle is supplied with each Offcut Candle.


Fitting a 22mm tapered candle, these unique statements provide the perfect accessory.


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$78  inc Tax

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Offcut Candle

$78  inc Tax



Stone base varies: 50mm - 150mm

Candle size

Any 22mm wide candle (x1 included)


Each stone is hand selected, images are indicative of the finished product, the shape and colour of the selected stone is unique for every piece.
Please remember that brass is a natural material that will inevitably age over time. Factors such as humidity, coastal salt air, and natural oils from the skin can accelerate the natural patina that may form over time.
Our brass products are wax sealed to delay this ageing but no warranty is offered to cover the natural patina that may occur. Love and simple maintenance will preserve the look and extend the life of your light for years to come.


Can I use my own candle?

Yes, you will need to use a standard 20mm diameter candle

How do I clean my Offcut candle holder?

The melted wax will come away from the stone easily. Please ensure you do not use chemicals or cleaning products on your brass candle holder

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